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Sunday, 25 January 2015



Love the wall mural of SD!


A better photo of it (it shows El Cajon sights) is in the first post, cc. Also there's a mural of La Mesa at La Mesa Bistro and Bakery done by the same person. There are so many places to eat around here, that breakfast seems to be our default at ecb.


So you like poach hard eggs?
I was always under the impression that poached eggs is soft unless you just want hard boiled eggs in a shell.


Wasn't asked how I wanted when ordering and this was how the eggs came out, Bill (I do prefer soft poached). However, the eggs were quite large and a runny yolk would've changed the coloring. The eggs tasted good/fresh with the green sauce.


The food presented looks awesome. They just need to learn how to poach it soft. 😉


Yep. What is interesting is that this was the first time I had seen golf ball shaped poached eggs; this past weekend ordered a carnitas Benedict at a 'dive' bar and did not specify how I wanted the eggs poached. Those eggs were this same shape...yet wonderfully, perfectly runny and orange.


Got to be an easier way to make prefect poach eggs. The perfectly oval poached eggs amazes me to. LOL.


After seeing the same rounded poached this weekend, I'm also curious, Bill. It really is a technique/result I had never seen before this. Maybe some sort of tool is involved.

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