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Sunday, 28 December 2014



Nice Christmas dinner! I didn't think that Arbys was very large; I still have to try the new tofu place down the street.

BTW, Tim Ky Noodle looked like it was open yesterday; unfortunately I didn't have time to go check it out.


Hi Sandy - I hope you had a great Xmas. I thoguht I saw the "open" sign lit for Tim hopefully I'll be able to drop by sometime this week.


Had to scrape ice off the car windshield this morning...fortunately, still own an ice scraper. I know that Pho sign, too...will research.


Let me know if you recall/find something Cathy. I heard it's going to be even colder, with rain tomorrow.....


39 degree? Yikes!

Hmmm, I remember going into the V Bakery just once earlier this year. They had a variety of desserts but also sold sandwiches.


Double yikes CC! Going to be a rather chilly New Year I think. Keep warm!


enjoy the holidays!


You too Kat!

Ed (from Yuma)

It's been cold over here in Yuma. A few spots close to freezing. That sashimi from Sammy at Yaro looks so good. Jeez, I think you've known Sammy for more than 11 years considering that I met him when he was at Katzra in May 2002.

Ed (from Yuma)

Oops, I am wrong. Looking at my old CH post, kuni-san, not Sammy, was the chef at Katzra. My bad. The older I get, the more the wires get crossed or burnt out.


Hi Ed - You're kind of right, Sam was at Katzra, but after Kuni sold the place and left around 2003.

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