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Sunday, 07 December 2014



Hope to visit Seattle soon!


The best way to build an appetite, walk! ;-)
Looks awesome.


Hi Kat - Hope you get to do an entire "West Coast" visit!

Hi Billy - It sure is. We ate really well in Seattle.


Perfect timing for your post Kirk...I was thinking about taking a trip to Seattle in the next week, just because! It's been a couple of years since I've been there and I love it there as well.


I haven't been to Seattle since 2006, but I was thinking of a going sometime next year. I'd love to try these restaurants (minus the death march).

Christina C

I love our posts. I think your wife and myself are kindred spirits as I'm also making my husband do all sorts of crazy death marches/hikes, like the Kalalau trail in Kauai, lol, i only made him go halfway. Have you guys ever been in Delancey in Seattle? I love reading the Orangette blog and always wanted to go to their restaurant which opened years later.


When I had the Salumi sandwich, I was actually kind of disappointed. I thought the flavors would be stronger or brighter, I felt like they were all muddled together. My boss LOVES that place though.

If I had known you were coming up to Seattle I would have asked you to bring up some burritos!


Hope you go Jack! Let me know how it turns out. By all means check out Sitka & Spruce as well.

You should Sandy! We had a great time.

LOL Christina...your poor husband, I feel his pain! I've heard of the place, but prefer more traditional style pizza. BTW, that would be an even longer death march from Downtown! ;o)

No good burrito's there MrZ? I think the best bet is getting just the cured meat....the sandwich's just have too much bread for my taste.


I love Seattle but those HILLS...oy vay! At least you walked off all that goodness you ate (and drank!)


Great Foodie town. A Serious Pie, Lola's, Peroshky Peroshky's, Daily Dozen, Bakery Nouveau, Confectional... Mmm Good Eats!


I haven't been to Seattle since 2005 (pre blogging days, haha) and would love to return! Great post! You are a trouper doing those "death marches". At least you burn off the calories with all that walking. :)


Hi James - Yes, those hills....sheesh. Love the city though.

Yep Denver, lots of good eats in Seattle!

Hi CC - That's probably the main reason I go along with those walks. I know it burns off all those calories I'll be taking in.

The Gastrognome

Hi Kirk! Oh, well, if I'd known it was you on that CH thread, I would have told you it would be fine! (I think I did anyway--advised the waterfront route, though). Anyway, As another person who often devises death marches, this doesn't seem so long, it's necessary to work off all the food. I'm glad you made it up and enjoyed the trip!

One thing I'll say about the Salumi meat vs. sandwiches is that the meat is readily available in grocery stores around town, so for locals, there's not much reason to go in and wait in line just to get the same thing you can buy as you pick up laundry detergent. Either way, I'll take a Roli Roti porchetta in SF over a sandwich here.

That said--we'll take a burrito from your end of the world any day!

I'll also side with the commenter here asking about Delancey--it's our local spot, and it is definitely worth a stop. I think it's more like traditional pizza than you're imagining--It's not a big floppy NY slice, but it's also not fancy-pants tiny VPN style's a nice happy medium.

Glad you enjoyed everything, though!


Hi Naomi - We really had a great time and I'd never been to Ballard before so I think we'll head back there next time we're in SEA. Thanks for the lowdown on Salumi...loved that beef tongue! Hope all is well.


Good burritos are hard to find, and the quality of Mexican food appears to improve the further away you get from downtown. But nothing like what one finds in abundance in California. When we went to San Jose last month we made a point of eating Mexican.


Funny MrZ.....I really don't consider burritos to really be "Mexican" food. More like Cali/Tex Mex.... Try finding a burrito in Honolulu at a place without "Bell" in its name.

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