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Friday, 19 December 2014



what a great place!


It was a nice place.....we really liked the owner Kat.


I just went back to look at your older posts on Rhodes and didn't find any of them particularly negative on the restaurants you tried... they must be really sensitive to criticism. Or maybe they can't accept that their restaurant is mediocre at best? I hope you don't give in and you will leave all of your posts up.


Of course it doesn't affect me one or the other Jason! What a joke....really.... It just shows you what kind of people own places like this.


I'm surprised the owners found your post in the first place. Unfortunately behavior like this is getting more and more common these days.


Yes, that seems to be the trend Junichi. But really, what is the guy going to do? How stupid and such a waste of time. There are photos and we ate there, and I'm based in the US, so the only thing you can do is be a bully I guess.

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