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Monday, 29 December 2014



Two strikes for La Jolla pho joints. :(


Hi CC - Yep, a no-go for pho!


Not that it would do much for these two places, but I've recently started adding a bit of black pepper to my pho and I find it really adds to the experience.




Hi Jan - Try white pepper if you have a chance....actually I've found you can dial in the saltiness quite well with a bit of lime.

Yes, Kat.....another pair of....meh....


If you have a pressure cooker maybe you could make a nice Pho homemade that wouldn't take several hours. I may do it myself it will save a ton of time.


Hi Jeff - Nice idea, but it's not going to solve the problem of having a decent bowl between meetings or for a workday lunch. Nice if I worked from home, but I don't. Hope you had a great New Year!


You could always make some and freeze it or make some and put it in a thermos for lunch. Always a way to do it! I am sure that your homemade version would be far better than 99% of the restaurants around here.

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