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Monday, 08 December 2014





Wow they suck.


Native Foods is a classic example of what's wrong at so many places with vegan food. It's like they figure you'll be happy just because it's vegan, even if the taste is bland, presentation awful, etc. We ate there once, won't be returning. Thanks for offering up your taste buds for the sacrifice!


That sucks about the crappy service at NF. The food sounds and looks horrible.


Yep Kat....another one....

Hi Billy - Yes, I'm not a fan.

Good point Ken. I've never been one to just be "happy since we have _____"

Hi CC - That service at NF was so flakey.....

Ed (from Yuma)

Usually reading your and Cathy's SD posts make me feel bad about living in a place without so many culinary choices. Today, not so much - just hoping NF and CCharlie's don't open here.

Soo H

Doh! I was hoping this would be a good place to get fried chicken...


I'm so surprised to see a post from you on NF. I had quite a few people recommend me to try it but I couldn't bring myself to go. I was wondering if I should give it a chance, but now seeing your post, I think I made the right choice.


That's funny Ed......both places really don't add much to the food scene here.

Hi Soo - It might have just been a bad day; but that chicken wasn't very good.

Hi Kirbie - My friends thought it was quite funny that I'd actually try NF...... I think you should still give it a shot. The salads are decent; but everything else was meh....

Fat Killer

I had a decent meal at NAtive. Service was fine, but a weird vibe. They forgot one of my dishes so the waitress comped me a dessert. When I went to collect it the girl behind the counter told me in no uncertain terms she didn't think I should get a free me up for their screw up. I glared at her and thought..F you.

Chicken Charley's? Dear lord. With all due respect the food looks like vomit and worse. Actually that statement is an insult to vomit, how could you even entertain the possibility of putting that rotten slop in your body..LOL. Talk about taking one for the team. Eeek.


Hi FK - Both of these places did not impress me much.

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