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Wednesday, 17 December 2014



pretty rainbow! a rarity here as well! stay dry!


Too bad about Hana Mart. With its demise is the 2nd location of Big Joy Bakery. At least they still have their original store.

Loved seeing the double rainbow and the shots of people taking pix as well!

Lastly, Shanghai Saloon? Why am I thinking of that horrible movie with Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan (Shanghai Knights/Shanghai Noon)? Haha


Thanks Kat!

I know CC.....I feel bad about all the businesses that took the chance with the folks that opened UMart/Hana Mart.

Soo H

Cool rainbow!


You have to google Tosh double rainbow. Hope you didn't have the same reaction.


It was soo....

Oh my Kyle....


Yup looks like Voltero's is closed.

They had good cheesesteaks and calzones. I guess it's back to Rosa's Pizza if I'm craving pizza in the Convoy area.


That's too bad Junichi. I thoguht their cheesesteaks were a good value and better than other versions in the area. I hoep they find another situation that works for them.

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