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Sunday, 30 November 2014



Sausage & meat seems like a pretty tame backronym for S&M. I'd have gone with something like sauerkraut & mustard...


too bad most of these were misses, they look and sound great from here :0


That would be a more appropriate name for the place least for us.

Hi Kat - It's surprising how hard it is to get some good sausage.


30th St beer crawl?? Can I come? :-)
We can totally use my house for a bathroom stop--I'm right in the middle.


Wow, I remember Gulf Coast Grill...pre-blogging days...Good roundup but too bad the fare wasn't as great.


Three of my favorites (Kyoto, sausage and 80s music) in one post!


Of course Jenne - With or without use of your....ummm...facilites!

Hi CC - S&M is kind of gimmicky, but those pickles were really good.

I think you forgot beer James! ;o) That's a nice trifecta, though, huh?

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