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Tuesday, 18 November 2014





There's *another* mini hot pot place that just opened too recently. It's on Mira Mesa, at the intersection of Black Mountain, in the same strip mall as Wells Fargo...


I just did a quick search online... it seems that they have been open for probably 2 months already. I noticed the grand opening sign up just few days ago when driving by. Never been, so I'm not sure how good it is....


Hi Kat - Yeah....

Hi R - Yes, QT Pot, saw that a few months back when we went to Lucky. Used to be China Chef.


I was really hesitant about coming here and was actually about to ask you if you'd gone yet. And then you posted! Btw, speaking of QT Pot, I actually really like the salt & pepper wings there.


Hi Kirbie - I'll have to try their wings! Thanks for the tip!

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