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Thursday, 20 November 2014


Lynn @ oh-soyummy

Hi Kirk,

I hope you guys visit Gyu-Kaku (off Mira Mesa/I-15) in the future. I'd love to read what you think of it. I've been to both places at least twice but I'm thinking I like the flavors better at Tsuruhashi?

I've done Koon Thai a few times for lunch because it's just so affordable and tastes decent. but in the end, i think i've only eaten the panang and pad see ew dishes there. perhaps i should branch out a bit. I believe it's the 'unknown' that sometimes gets to me :)


great round-up!


Hi Lynn - I'm not a big fan of the Pad See Ew at Koon. They do a couple of dishes well, though. As for Gyu-Kaku, I've been to other locations of that chain and wasn't impressed, though perhaps I should do a side-by-side post.

Thanks Kat!


Happy Turkey Day!!!


Ummm, thanks Billy! But isn't that until nest week? Unless I missed the memo somewhere? ;o)


Might not be around so I'm jumping the gun a little.


Alright then! Happy T-Day to you too!


Tsuruhashi recently raised their prices leading to less crowds. Last time I was there it was half empty. Never seen that on a Saturday night.

Gyu-kaku is inferior to Tsuruhashi. I'd only recommend going for the Monday all day happy hour. The meat's decent and the beers cheap. But the rice is horrible. The ramen was OK but a little too salty. Tailored towards the American palate.

If you want best bang for your buck it's late night happy hour at Kogi!


Hi Junichi - Here's the way I look at it.....been to the one in Torrance and 1 other location that I can't remember right now. It was mediocre.... Though there are hundreds of locations is Japan, I just don't get too excited about the chain. You know, I didn't even notice the prices much when we went to Tsuruhashi....I guess we were too busy enjoying ourselves.


I still have to try that rabbit mixiote at Texcoco....


You know CC....the rabbit mixiote was probably the item I enjoyed least here at Aqui es Texcoco.


Oooh, maybe not then!


Well, it was really gamey and livery CC....thoguh who knows, you might like it.


Koon Thai is probably my top go-to Thai restaurant here.

I think their best (and most unique dish for San Diego at least) is their Boat Noodles. It's not for everyone with the blood mixed into the broth, but they do a great job with something that could be pretty off-putting when done wrong.

Have to get it every time I go!


Sounds great Steve. Haven't had boat noodles since we lived in LA.

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