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Wednesday, 05 November 2014



That beef looks amazing. I thought the price was amazingly expensive....until I saw this:|CategorySiloedViewCP


You should see how much Kobe A-5 costs in Japan Jan.


I wish more places opened earlier here!


I shall bide my time until the new TOSEL opens. Thanks for the heads up!


So how was the Kobe?


Hi Kat - Yes, we found ourselves wishing the same thing when we were there!

Hi CC - Hope you like it!

Like buttah Billy! Like buttah! But not as good as what we had in Kobe buttah! ;o)

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

Ooh new location for TOSEL! I wanted to go there with coworkers but the place is so small and lunch time is limited. I hope you let us know when they are finally open!


I found TOSEL from your blog and it's still THE spiciest food (for me) here in SD. I always prided myself in being able to order spicy level 10 at other places but at TOSEL, no way. A 7 is pretty darn hot. Thanks for the heads up on the new location.

$68.99/lb for wagyu. The slices look beautiful. I think I recently saw wagyu at Nijiya as well - do you have a preference (recently) b/w protein found at Marukai v Nijiya?


I will Lynn!

I've never seen wagyu from Japan at Nijiya. They will have Australian wagyu, but haven't seen the stuff from someone who has eaten A-5 Kobe beef in's a whole different ballgame.


One of these days...


That would be great Billy!

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