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Wednesday, 12 November 2014



They mailed out announcements and put it on FB, that it is indeed opening Friday. I don't even want to think about how crazy it will be. In Taiwan, we pass by 85C all the time, but we never go in. haha. But I guess here, with such limited options, we get desperate.


Only because I was able to compare Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese bakeries in one day, did I think 85C was the weakest of the bunch; if not side by side comparing, they do consistently have fresh items, which is nice. Ritas also opened in Santee around Labor Day; they have really tasty items, but I am unsure how well it will do in the cooler weather. I hope LW's comes back all new and fancy.


We're starting to get so many of these Kirbie.....not sure when we'll have our fill.

Hi Cathy - Our experiences with 85C here in the states hasn't been as good as in Asia. Not sure why.....


Blaze Pizza just opened in the same complex as 85C. Another fast casual build it yourself pizza chain. Right across the street from Pieology.


Hi Junichi - I noticed they were just about ready to open last week.....not that we need another DIY pizza joint.

Lynn @ oh-soyummy

Btw blaze is giving out free pizza on friday between 11am and 10pm. I am sooooooo there. Also wanted to go to the 85 degree bakery.. gonna be nuts but first 500 ppl get some surprise gift!


Hi Lynn - I'm just not motivated by stuff like that...especially from the Chipotle of pizzas. I don't need free food that badly... But I know folks enjoy I hope you have a great time!


Interesting early reviews. 2 hr wait in line... probably going to be hell this weekend too.

Kirbie's right. We've got so limited number of choices here. I also find it interesting that in general, as soon as you get into Orange County, oriental food just taste better (or at least more authentic) immediately...


Hi R - One of the guys in the office dropped by yesterday....just to see. According to him, it was a madhouse. I'd kind of disagree......we've got pretty good Japanese/Thai food here and the Filipino choices are better. If you'd said Chinese/Lao/Korean/Vietnamese I'd agree. Then again.....oriental covers a lot of ground:

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