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Sunday, 16 November 2014



Yes, I've seen the "refugee from TKMG" at Pho Lucky! (I'm trying to decide what it says about me when I knew exactly what you meant!) He was working at the pho restaurant on Bernardo Center Road several months ago before Pho Lucky.


looks like a muppet...glad you've gotten cooler weather!


Hi Sandy - I think it says you're a FOY - Friend of Yoso! LOL!

Kind of does Kat......


I tried Nuoc Beo at Ca Dau last week and was very happy with it.


Good to know Jan.


Laughing cow logo?


Hi Katie - Yeah, maybe that's it...a spooky, kinda weird cross between that and the Pho Hoa logo??? For some reason, that logo kind of creeps me out. I hope you are well, it's been a while since we've heard from you!


I think I know which TKMG refugee you're referring to; if so, I last saw him at Rancho Bernardo, as well. He's worked everywhere, it seems! Pho Hoa Cali (when that was its name), Pho Cadao, TKMG . . . he used to wear eyeliner and a bindi? Always so nice and shows recognition, no matter where we happen to meet!


Hi Charlene - He is a very nice.....and is now at Pho Lucky!


We have yet to try Hoai Hue and explore their menu. I think I know of the waiter you're referring to as well. He's been everywhere. A very friendly man! That "cow" looks wierd. I always think of the Laughing Cow brand, but that cow looks more realistic at least.


Yes, that's it CC! I just am not sure why that cow creeps me out.

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