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Thursday, 13 November 2014



I love the coarse texture myself.


The Missus is onto something, all of those sausages and spreads platters have me drooling and I just ate lunch!


We do too Billy!

Hi FH - She is enjoying the sausages and pate!


yum! gonna seek out encased items...


I hope you find some good stuff Kat!

Christina C

Tiger Tiger is on our regular rotation along with Blind Lady, for us, it comes down to which kind of french fries I want since each is unique. Honestly, both places are really great, and staff and owners are nice people. We've done group bike rides with them and I can't say enough good things. I'm a big fan of Tiger Tiger brunch, it can get me into big trouble.


The sausages look really good! I keep forgetting I want to visit this place, every time I see you post on it. haha


Hi Christina - Hope you are doing well. The folks at both places are very nice and helpful. We kind of stay away from that brunch since we'd get nothing done after!

Hi Kirbie - Go and check them out! We usually go at non-peak times and really enjoy ourselves.

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