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Monday, 17 November 2014



Yay, how cool it must have been for your brother to see the floats ahead of time. One day I'll have to try Lucky Boy (and pop into the 1st Trader Joe's)...Great update on the floats. I can't wait to see that really long one with the arches once it's decorated.


It was so good that I was able to show him things 'up close'; the photos and descriptions aren't quite the same long distance, as you know, cc. The original TJs is just a block away, so we had to (he had also gone to the In-N-Out University in Irwindale earlier in the week when he had a break). That Honda float will be road tested with at least three others this weekend (yes, a 7th road test) know the drill if you want to see it in person.

Soo H

Thanks for the float pictures! That's cool you can go into the secret building area!


Anytime, Soo. It's not a secret- that's the Phoenix Decorating Company barn where the road tests initiate (and end) and where we decorate the Saturdays before Christmas and every day from the 16th-31st. During the week, the float builders are working; we drove up and walked to the office to ask if we could take some photos. When decorating is going on, there is a charge ($5) for people to walk along a catwalk and watch the workers and progress.

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