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Saturday, 18 October 2014



I still haven't tried this place yet...I like the idea of having many different little snacks for a meal.

Soo H

It would be cool if everyone reviewed Yum Cha Cafe to see how the opinions differed like in Rashomon:


It's a great sort of hole in the wall place, cc. It's sort of a 'tapas' way of eating. The market next door has good prices on Produce and other items. The intersection of Ulrich and Linda Vista is filled with great eating.

Just look at Yelp if you want to see different opinions of Yum Cha, Soo. Just like every place else, people have varied opinions. Rashomon is a classic!

Soo H

I should clarify. I think it would be interesting to see how Cathy, Ed, and Kirk's review of Yum Cha differ.


Third paragraph has links to Kirk's posts (the third link (the word 'about') has two more Yum Cha links at the top of that post). Also can find if you go to top left "site search" box and type in 'Yum Cha'. Don't think Ed has been here; he stops at 99Ranch and Sam Woo when heading back to Yuma and picks up ducks to go...


Mmm, I still love stopping here when I'm in the mood for just a few dim sum items and not the full sit-down experience.


Yum Cha satisfies my fast-food mentality and hunger for good food without having to get all dressed up, Kirbie. I was so happy to see you've been here multiple times also.

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