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Wednesday, 22 October 2014





rest up! we were happy you had some time to meet up :) Satoshi is already talking about visiting SD!


oh, i'm really looking forward to your posts about your trip =) I recognize so many of the places in your photos! i'm loving the reminder of happy memories visiting Japan =)


Totally Billy, stay tuned!

That would be great Kat! I'm sure Dennis would be thrilled too!

Hi Lynnea - I'm glad we could bring back some ncie memories...except of Matt getting bit by the deer of course! ;o)


Can't wait. What was the green stuff on the okonomiyaki?


Hi Jan - It's seaweed - a version of furikake.


Welcome back! Looking forward to your new travel posts. :)


That steak looks awesome and so does that slice of pork in the ramen.


Hi CC - Thanks....hopefully I can regroup and recover and get back on track.

Hi Kobi - That's A-5 Kobe's fantastic!

Fat Killer

Hey Bro:


I envy you dude! 4 or 5 extended vacations abroad year. Delicious eats, exotic locales!

You must have a dream job, or a nice trust fund!




Hey FK - It's more like 1 - 2 vacations a year. We love these trips, which is why we work so hard.....

Fat Killer

You sure bro? I thought you went to Portugal, Belgium, Greece, and Czech Rep?

BTW, some new grub for you to check out on Convoy and CM Blvd. A Szechuan join and another chinese place.

Bet you have not checked out Cape Town Pub (South African) in Miramar or Grille House Cafe (Persian) in Mira Mesa.


Portugal/Rome/Malta was last year. The year before was Istanbul/Rhodes/Symi. This year it was Belgium/Czech Republic, then back home to Hawaii, then Japan. I've seen the two Chinese places - I believe I mentioned one in a past post.....haven't been too keen on the Sichuan scene recently. I've been to Deli SA and really wasn't impressed so I'm not in a rush to check out Cape Town Pub.

Fat Killer

Ah, ok.

You may be thinking of two other places...or not..I spotted one just the other day in the strip mall with the fan shop..where the afhani place was and now there is a thai is a ocean blue sign with large white writing..

What was the name of the Szehchuan place on Convoy you tried? I recently tried Yu's Garden and it was meh...

Really, I thought SF Deli had some decent stuff..not all of it. The CTP is actually very nice. The food is well prepared, not salty or heavy, and with a rather nice light touch.

Grille House are the folks who used to manage one of my old time faves..Parsian Grille. I pull over and mourn every time I drive by. :( Good food. Great service.

BTW, tried Cambodian up in Long Beach...Meh..unless you can recommend....


Isn't the Fan Shop replacement going to those Crawfish boil joint?
Here's the other:

I liked Parsian, though thought Balboa Market was better, so I might just check them out.
Not sure where you tried in LB - was is Seam Reap? Also, was it Khmer style dishes or more along the lines of Thai. I thought Sophy's was decent, didn't like Hak Heang - this of course being years ago. I've been told a place named Kim Sun is pretty good, but I don't really crave Khmer....

Fat Killer

Nope, it turned to be Chinese...It said "something" Kitchen I believe. Check it out, blue sign/white letters.

Ok the Szechuan place I saw was not that looked brand new..if Im in the area tomorrow I will get the name and location.

Ah, this means war!! Pasian ruled! I love Balboa, but they can't compete with the delicacy of the stews at our now defunct place. Their kebabs and rice are nice..but no match.

Sophys was it. Very thai. I tried the house specialty which turned out to be inedible stir fried beef jerky.

I really REALLY miss Malaysian.

Ed (from Yuma)

Anyway, I have been busy, but I just wanted to make a comment on the great stuff you've been posting about Japan. I really am having trouble waiting for more. (I almost wrote that I can't wait, but I can).


Hi Ed - I'll get to it ASAP!

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