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Thursday, 30 October 2014


Fat Killer


Did you see QiWieh Kitchen on CMB?

You done been scooped!

Yelp reports of of SLLllllllooooWWWW service.

Also still need to get the name of that other new Szechuan place on Convoy.

I'm trollin' for grub this week end. Tacos Perla on the list. Love that place.


I was warned off Qi Wei (they have a location in Rowland Heights which was really bad) all my Chinese friends. Over an hour to get served, really bad meat. I'm kinda looking forward to the Sichuan place across the street. Oh and that Crawfish/Crab place is going in next door. So, go for it......keep grub trolling.

Fat Killer

Thanks for the heads up. I hate waiting for food..and bad meat. I am on impatient bastardo when I am hungry.

Any thing exciting on the list this w/e for patrol?

I'm thinking Cafe Sobaka, or Alforon...been a while.


FK - I'd still encourage you to check them out if you're so inclined....who am I to say what you should eat or not. Alforon? I thought you were a low carb kind of guy? Pomegranate...well, I wouldn't know since they moved.

Fat Killer

Nah, I will pass. Too many unhappy yelpers.

Dude, I can scarf down the godly tabouli, Hummus, Lentl soup, fava beans, or Kibbeh! I just avoid the flat breads. So, so good...but oh so bad. :)

No Sobaka has no more affiliation with Pommegranite. Totally different and hilarious menu. You really should check it out. The owner has a great sense of humour. Trust me on this one.

Tropical Star may be calling to me..hmmm..or maybe Village House K. That is some serious, homemade, sublime grub bro.

Fat Killer

You really should try Harritna. Oh my gosh.

The kidney dish is just to die for.


Why not just go to Awash Market...go to the back room and get some Kitfo....

Fat Killer

Funny, Awash was on this weekends list.

Jonsing for Ethiopian beer.


Hmm, I didn't know there was a Santouka in Kyoto. When I was in Japan in 2012, the three ramen places I went to were:
Honke Daiichi Asahi (Kyoto)
Ichiren (Hakata)
and some place ~Ikenoue station? I remember tracking it down off of some Japanese chowhound like site and went there because it was on the way to Mitaka and the Ghibli Museum...


cool! guess you guys will be back for ramen :)


Make a note for next time, eat Santouko right before you go to Japan. Then it'll be fresh in your head as you gorge yourself on more ramen.


I haven't been back to Santouka in a while. Sis also thinks it's the best ramen in SD. That's too funny the Missus preferred Santouka while she was in Japan. I could only equate that being in Taiwan and craving Liang's Convoy beef noodle soup? Happy Halloween Kirk -


Santouka is the best ramen in SD, unfortunately. I actually tried it in Tokyo and it tasted the same. So props to them for being consistent? Their egg is disappointing though. I always wanted to try their original location in Hokkaido. The amount of good ramen to Tokyo is mind boggling.

Marukai Gardena had a big ramen festival last month where shops from Japan would take turns setting up shop in their food court. I went to Tatsunoya for tonkotsu and Kamitoku for beef bone ramen. Both were divine.


Hi Hao - Both Santouka and Ippudo have shops in Kyoto...Ippudo is crazy busy there.

I guess we will Kat!

Hi Jason - Actually we did.....

Happy Halloween Faye!

Hi Junichi - I read somewhere like 20,000 ramen shops in Tokyo alone...can't be true, can it? I heard about that fair from Dennis....never quite made it tho'.


Haha! Or maybe this past saturday was an off day for Santouko and not representative of past Santouko glory. You'll just have to keep going back and forth trying ramen. It's like a Escherian Stair where you'll just keep going around and around...


Now Jason, don't be putting any ideas in the Missus' head! ;o)


The Japanese ramen database website has rankings for Tokyo up to 7160.

And that's just user generated info. Doesn't include obscure shops, Chinese restaurants that serve ramen and most chains. I wouldn't be surprised if there were 20,000 shops in Tokyo.


Hi Junichi - Even at 7000, it would take you a lifetime to eat at them all....and by the time you've got a couple hundred down, there would be a hundred new places. Crazy....

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