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Wednesday, 29 October 2014



Looks pretty solid.
I wish that you can experience the real Bo Tai Chanh. The way my mom use to make it before she became a health nut but I do recalled that they used shrimp paste sauce base for the dipping of the meats. I guess this place does not server the sauce. The version my mom is drizzled with garlic infused oil and crush roasted peanuts. I can taste it already. ;-)

Lynn @ oh-soyummy

I went here last week with a coworker. I was looking at mmm-yoso's posts for ideas and wish this was posted a week ago hehe! I remembered reading about lemon beef salad from you elsewhere but ended up with my friend's recommendation of jellyfish salad. I was quite happy with my first taste of this dish, quite refreshing. Cant wait to try your other recs here when we come back.


I've been trying Bo Tai Chanh (and the one Ga version) when I see it and am amazed at the different interpretations of the general 'recipe', Bill. I bet your mom's is great - it sounds like it would have a balance with the shrimp paste sauce. Phuong Trang is a good place.

Sorry about that, Lynn: I had the photos for the post started, but my 'method' for posting while Kirk is gone has to do with a combination of location and ethnicity while avoiding the particular cuisine He and His Missus are enjoying. Glad I can give ideas for the future. I had posted on the jellyfish salad a few years ago; that's also a favorite.

Ed (from Yuma)

Phuong Trang was one of the first Vietnamese places I ate at in SD (the first was in a neighborhood off of ECB that was a favorite of a long time local - but that place has long vanished.) But I never explored the menu at PT. Thanks for the reminder of more things I need to seek out on my next visit.


I really like the fried spring rolls at Phuong Trang. The Chinese sausage roll is pretty good as well. I will have to try that steamed meatloaf next time. Great compilation of your many visits....


Hi Ed- PT is one of the 'gigantic menu' Vietnamese places, kind of different than the two page menu places where we usually stop for a meal; so far we've picked some great items. It's nice that you have good memories of first visits and that all of us have expanded our palates and are so willing to try new choices...the first 20 or so years of our lives we were all sort of limited(or afraid).

Yes, the fried items here are done well, cc. The sausage-egg Summer roll has no noodle in it, which was why I originally tried it and now kind of crave it, along with this 'new' concotion of steamed meatloaf. Thanks.

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