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Sunday, 12 October 2014



I like that Moosie's allows two flavors for a small. Niederfrank's doesn't do that. I still haven't tried Matcha Love; the triple waffle bowl sounds good, especially the black sesame.

Soo H

That was an awesome ice cream post! :-)


The size of the small Moosie's was just right, cc. The Hammond's, Matcha Love and Niederfrank's were all just a bit too much but, you know, we managed. Matcha Love is a great concept and it's nice they are contracted with Mitsuwa.
Thanks, Soo.


Must try when ever I'm in town.


Or even if you see something in your town, Bill, just stop in and try something small. None of these stops was planned, we just happened to see and stopped, making each time a wild and crazy (for us) fun experience.

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