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Tuesday, 14 October 2014



It's a great little market. They will also sell the day old food for cheap...roast chicken, fried wings, etc...less than $3.

They no longer have coffee crisp candy though.

Will have to try the restaurant next time! Great post! I hope this place survives and does well.


Thanks, cc. I was trying to get across the 'modern quality' aspect without actually saying 'hipsters', who would be overflowing the restaurant and store. There were quite a few office workers eating in the restaurant area and picking up prepared meals as well as people from the neighborhood here. Crazy great place, thanks for stopping here and posting.


Sounds like a fancy store without the big $ and good food to boot.


It is, Bill! I am so happy to have found it and hope others do too. Plans for what we will try next time were made as we were leaving.

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