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Tuesday, 09 September 2014



Alright....I'm going with you your next trip up! :) I like the unpainted rooster sculptures...they look like the same kind on top of Superior Poultry in L.A. Their use of tillandsias (airplants) as decor is cool as well. Lots of eateries to choose from...

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

This is awesome! Really wish they had something like this in SD :/ Reminds me of Chelsea Market in NY.

When I get tired of the oppressive heat in my no-AC apartment I'll sometimes just go to the gym and pedal super slowly on the bike while just reading for a long time....what you guys did is way cooler. Haha.

Soo H.

That was a nice looking piece of fried fish. :-)


Once we parked, I immediately thought how much you'd enjoy it here, cc...for so many reasons...Tell me your food craving and it probably can be satisfied someplace in the District.

Yes, it is a West Coast version of a Food Hall, J.S.. Something San Diego would embrace (and many of us 'Easterners' would understand). It was a spur of the moment trip: we left about 9:30 and were home by 2.

The fish was great, Soo! It only was $2.59 for the piece. There were so many places/items we wanted to try and editing a menu was difficult.


Thanks for posting about this, we had to spend the afternoon in Anaheim and so going here beforehand made it quite fun!


Good you got to stop here, Heather. Newspaper articles and other blog posts show it can get crazy crowded.

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