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Tuesday, 02 September 2014



Thanks for this write-up. I have always wondered about the Dragon Room because I love the exterior. I'll definitely have to go check it out!


OMG, ditto the comment above! I love that facade!


Sounds like a nice place to visit. The tacos and burger sold it.


Nice Cathy. Those crispy tacos look great, especially along with a cold one. :) I've visited a long while ago and remember dining on the restaurant side of the place.


Both the Dragon Room and the Golden Palace are what I'd consider 'old fashioned' and kind of 'dive-y', Jessploitation. They've withstood the test of time and are comfortable in a non-hipster, not trying way. Welcome to the comment side of our blog.
This was my 'alternate' for breakfast/brunch the other Saturday, cc.
It's a great, local place, Bill. The food here is just great and would be so even if not in a bar setting. The person who works the fryer knows how to do it right.
Thanks, Dennis. The restaurant has some interesting selections (ham and chicken livers as proteins) and apparently the mixed drinks are a draw. The bar food is equally interesting when combined with the atmosphere; just tastes better in the dark room...

Soo H.

Wow! Chicken liver chow mein sounds pretty good! I must investigate further...


The bar and the very-retro-exterior are like night and day (literally!). I wouldn't guess from the bar that there's a Chinese restaurant (burgers, Taco Tuesday). Although from your photos, there's no indication of Chinese food on the outside signs.


It's unusually good, Soo.

Click on the underlined words in the first paragraph under the green paragraph, Sandy; that's a link to the Golden Palace post, which has all the Chinese food (and is the larger building with the glorious facade). The Dragon Room is the other side of the building, attached via a small hallway, it's in the second photo all the way to the right (looks like a smaller building). Dragon Room is the Bar area, with all the specials, but they will also bring in any of the Golden Palace menu items to you every day except Tuesday. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


No misunderstanding, Cathy. I was just amused at the contrasts of the bar and the restaurant (and a central kitchen, I presume). It really looks like two different establishments.


Oh, it was *my* misunderstanding, Sandy, hahaha! Yes, there is a central hallway joining the two buildings (the central outdoor signage indicates it is all a ramp (from parking lot and to the left to the restaurant and the right to the bar) for handicapped patrons, probably put in to follow ADA laws) and there is some small ornate 'Asian' facade on the Dragon Room roof and exterior walls...inside there are paper dragons on the ceiling (next to the mirror ball above the karaoke stage) which are some sort of beer advertisements (I added the bottom photo just now), but no, nothing really 'Asian' about the Dragon Room. Maybe they were once two different places...that makes sense about half a century ago.

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