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Monday, 01 September 2014



I honestly don't think that many of us come to this blog to read about fast food items. Do we really want to hear about this? Give me the privately owned hole in the water find any day rather than the big corporate giant that serves terrible food and is only interested in the bottom line and not the health of its customers.


The peach pie sounds good Cathy! I enjoy reading all matters relating to food. Keep up the great work!


Hi Cathy, I love Rita's and am glad that I tried that Starbucks Fizzio. What a great compilation. I really enjoy your eclectic posts.


Happy Labor Day, 'Rachel' (or is it 'b' or 'JL'?). I'm sorry you haven't noticed at some point in the last nine years that each of us has written about chain restaurants and there is a link to 'Chains' in our 'Categories' column on the left. I thought a composite post on a holiday would be kind of fun, interesting and my way of 'COMC'. Feel free to just ignore the blog when you see my heading paragraph, highlighted in green. (You could spend that time fixing your Facebook privacy settings).

Thanks Dennis, peach is probably my favorite flavor and fruit.
Thanks, cc. Rita's is so good; can't wait until ours opens- it'll be walking distance.


Rita's is my guilty pleasure and my all time favorite is Florida orange with vanilla custard misto! Makes me very happy!


I absolutely love Rita's, and the outlets near me (MD) have been closing left and right. I guess it makes more sense for them to expand into warm climates where they can be open year round. Here in the mid-atlantic, they open somewhere between late march and early may, and close somewhere between late September and mid-October. My favorite ice flavor is black cherry (SO GOOD) and it's especially good with the chocolate custard in a Gelati. All the locations near me (which is basically one remaining, but it was as many as 4 just 2 years ago) will allow you to call ahead and if the flavor you want isn't on the menu, they'll make it for you with a couple hours advance notice. Something to keep in mind for the future. Btw, they usually feature cranberry in the early fall. It's delicious. Keep an eye on the menu for it.


Hi Keena! I did have one misto that way and it was a perfect 'Creamsicle' in one bite. Thinking the custard is so good on its own and the Florida orange is good on its own so that's why we order a gelati; eat the layers separately.
Hello h (from Maryland!). I grew up in Detroit and all of the soft serve/frozen custard places used to board up right after Labor Day then open around Memorial Day...people out here don't know how lucky they are. Thanks for the flavor tips; cranberry sounds great, and I never considered it an ice flavor.


Hi Cathy, The black cherry ice is one of the few (that I've had) with pieces of real fruit in it. I suppose that's why I'm so fond of it. The cranberry is a co-marketing effort with Ocean Spray, so the flavor is very authentic. I can't remember if there's real blended fruit in it or not.

I'm originally from FL, so moving north came with culture shock, and ice cream places closing for the winter was part of that. I get it for the stand-alone, walk-up places, but it's surprising that people wouldn't still get ice cream from a mini-mall/strip center. People still do eat ice cream in the winter :)

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Very fun post. I had no idea that they don't fry the apple pie at McDonald's anymore? And so amazing that the cronut went from a creation by Dominique Ansel to Jack in the Box, kind of going thru everything in between in the process. Sadly I still am not sold on croissant donuts.

Lastly the Swedish Fish flavor sounds quite scary I think that is one of my least favorite candies on earth. I cannot imagine what it would taste like in custard form. Haha.


Hi again, h. Can't wait to try those-and each flavor of ice they make; they were training inside 'my' location yesterday, and said it will open next week. In Detroit, even the Baskin Robbins stores closed in the Winter. :(
Thanks, J.S.; the McD's fried pie has been gone for years now...and the ability to get one in Downey is a great reason for the drive (though if you want a fried pie in Lemon Grove, Charley's Famous Burgers does fry theirs, and will blend two into an ice cream shake if you are feeling decadent). The JitB croissant donuts just aren't, but Paris Baguette does sell a few with various fillings which are nice; again, one a year should suffice. The Swedish Fish is an ice flavor and sort of cherry-strawberry-raspberry, or 'red' as I call it.

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