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Tuesday, 16 September 2014



glad you were able to share this with the Missus :)


I need to find some marrow.


I am too Kat!

I hope you do Billy!


How much were the spines at Catalino OP? I'll have to ask about those the next time I go, looks really interesting to try.


I don't remember exactly Jason, but it was cheap....hey, these are bones after all. But I have feeling places are going to start using them.


You said the magic word! Also looks like the leftover bones would be good for making a fish soup/stock once the marrow is gone.


Hey Jason - You might want to just ask Tommy if he's there.


Growing up we ate a lot of whole fishes and my Grandfather used to talk about eating the bone marrow. I'll have to try it.


Hi Carol - If you like oysters, you'll love this!

Jennifer Ralph

I was told by an old fisherman that gelatin or marrow was psychoactive... Is it?


It wasn't for me Jennifer. I'll ask Tommy when I see him.

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