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Sunday, 07 September 2014



Now I want to go get a #14 at Lucky. It's my favorite bowl.

Have you ever encountered epazote in the herb mix there? They snuck some in last time I went, and I thought someone had spilled cleaning fluid in the broth or something. Not for me!


gyoza & beer :) great round-up...expensive coffee but I'm sure it was oishii!


Wow, epazote! I'm guessing they were trying to use that in place of Ngo Gai....that smell, which reminds me a bit of gasoline would be really harsh. Haven't run across that yet Michael...and frankly, I hopw I never do.

Now that's something I can go for right now Kat!


I like pour over coffee (can even ask for it in any bean at Starbucks); it just tastes fresher; (make at home in a Chemex...because that still hasn't fallen to the floor like all the French Presses we've had)(the Yama is far more 'chemistry class' in appearance). The Mister wanted Karrage for dinner yesterday too; no pho cravings though. Nasty weather during the day, but nice from about 6 pm-7 am.


Lucky is usually a winner whether it's muggy weather or not. Great choices!

Have you noticed the rice used for the rice dishes at Lucky is usually a higher grade Jasmine rice compared to the typical low restaurant grade rice used at other places? The difference in texture makes the meal just a little more enjoyable.

Ed (from Yuma)

Nice post. Weird weather here, but I was just reading about Phoenix - some areas there got 3-5" rain in a few hours this morning.

I like Bird Rock coffees also, but they are often not like traditional tasting coffee at all. Like you sometimes I like a little bitter better.


Hi Cathy - Yeah, it was pretty miserable down here..... For some reason karaage tastes especially good when it's warm out!

Funny thing LL, I was just commenting that Lucky's rice wasn't quite as fragrant as I's still better than most places though!

Hi Ed - I saw video of a dust storm in PHX yesterday...yikes! I've found that many South American beans have a bit more of an acid bite...dunno if that's just me though.


Hi Kirk, the coffee sounds great! I haven't had anything caffeinated in months but honestly really do miss the ritual if anything. Need to get me some pho soon, but gotta say a plate of com tam is hard to resist too.


Hi Dennis - I gotta say, all those noodles got to me since I really don't eat as much carbs nowadays.

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

hey kirk,

i looked for 7 course beef all over your site but found nada. i was hoping someone here knew of a place in SD? i only hear about the restaurants in O.C (we just posted about a popular one). anyway, seems like phuong trang offers it. you up for trying it out with us?


Hi Lynn - No Phuong Trang's version is terrible. I'd give Pagolac a shot, I thought they were pretty good. We've lived in San Diego for 14 years and before that LA, I've only had the blog since 2005, so there's a lot I've tried....if it was bad, I really would not be motivated to try it again.

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

that's too bad about PT. someone asked me about where to go in SD and i had no idea since people only talk about the ones in O.C. i'll let them know about your suggestion though.


Hi Lynn - It's sad, I know, but there are just dishes like Banh Cuon, Bun Cha Hanoi, Banh Tom, and Bun Gia Cay I would never think of recommending or getting in San Diego. For stuff like those, you really need to go to the OC. I've got some real good sources who keep me informed.

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