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Thursday, 25 September 2014



love these comc posts!


I don't go to a Golden City as often anymore but when I do, most of the time I do enjoy the dishes. We always joke that the fill-in cook must be cooking when the dishes aren't at their best. Seems like one of the cooks is also heavy handed with the salt too.


At Golden City, we usually stick to our tried and true favorites, like Kwai Fei Ji, Roast Duck, Peking/Mandarin Pork Chop (Cantonese style lol), fried fish in corn sauce, seafood tofu pot, stir fry beef with preserved/sour vegetables... Not sure exactly how they write those dishes in English on the menu as I read the Chinese when ordering. When we venture outside of our comfort dishes, we were usually disappointed.


Thanks Kat!

Hi Carol - Yeah, I call it the "B team in action".

Hi Jess - I usually stick to the regular rotation too; though, if you've read my previous posts on the place I will try something new once in a while.


Hmm, I was at CSS last week, and thought that the carnitas were bland and the fries overseasoned.


Double Hmm Hao - I've had some uneven dishes at Carnitas, but none of the items I've had would have earned the adjective bland...


Yes, very strange. I'm not surprised by the overseasoned fries, but I can't recall anything being bland before...

Lynn @ oh-soyummy

I had the pork burger at CSS in North Park first and it was da bomb. Then I had it at Del Mar and it was way too salty. The fries were reverse... overseasoned in NP and better in Del Mar. Consistency? *shrug* At least the LINE was such an improvement (5 minute vs 1 hr). Not sure about now since I went 2 weeks after opening.


Hi Hao - Well, I think the Missus wants to go this week so we'll see how it is.

Hi Lynn - Interesting.......

Soo H.

Friday 11:20am. Del Mar. Nobody in line. Food came out in less than 10 minutes. Carnitas tacos overflowing the tortilla with carnitas. Same excellent flavor as always and dripping with juices. :-)


Geez you want us to synchronize our watches? ;o) LOL!


Definitely enjoy the Kwai Fei Chicken at GC. As you say, for the price a lot of the plates are pretty decent. Sill haven't been to CSS after all this time (and I live minutes from them)...


Hi Dennis - Every so often I gotta get my Kwai Fei Chicken fix! Give Carnitas' a try. Some of the stuff is a bit over the top, but we like a couple of items.

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