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Sunday, 21 September 2014



I haven't been to the Nordstrom Cafe in awhile, and that apple-chicken-goat cheese salad looks yummy. I like the tomato basil soup, too. Correction: Nordstrom is at Fashion Valley mall, not Mission Valley mall. Thank heavens it's cooled off here in San Diego.


We already seem to have forgotten the crazy heat and other weather conditions we had less than a week ago, Sandy-the fallen trees that are still not picked up are the only reminder. That salad with soup might be another meal for me; it was really good. Thanks for the correction, as you can tell, I just start typing and not particularly re-reading.


I've tried a few of their salads in the past. Love the service at their Cafe and the little chocolate sticks they give you at the end. The tomato soup with those croutons are calling my name...


I used to think their tomato soup tasted like Prego spaghetti sauce but now I LOVE that soup. Not sure what in the world happened that made me have a change of heart for this soup but now I crave it. And those cheesy crouton things - dang man - so so so so good. I visited the FV location and I swear the a/c wasn't working properly. It was quite stuffy the last two times we've visited that location. Have you been to the new remodeled Escondido location?


I also love their sandwiches there. The women lounge is also very comfortable, especially for women with little kids.


There are pizzas, sandwiches, pasta and 'specialty' plates on the menu, cc...we just happened to be wanting air conditioning primarily and a light meal secondarily on our last few visits (the roasted chicken and steak chimichurri are superb!) . If you click on the link at the bottom, it seems different Nordies have different types of eateries, some with table service and adult beverages served. The dark chocolate mint filled sticks are such a treat at the end of a meal.
They sell the soup in jars, Faye...and I think the secret ingredient is chicken fat (always assumed it was vegetarian). The cheesy croutons are so much better than I can make at home. I saw them working on the North County location, but haven't been up there in a while...must see if it is a different style of eatery.
The sandwiches are great here, YY. The whole store is geared toward service; very old fashioned. I took a wrong turn in one of the restrooms once and saw the couches and chairs and it really is a lounge!

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