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Tuesday, 30 September 2014



They have a bunch of really interesting bottles there on the shelf that are not distributed to SD. Do they have a very extensive list of bottles for sale and if so are the prices decent?


Hi James - I've seen just about all of those bottles in San Diego. Where have you been looking? Those are just bottles, the actual selection is not very large, but has the usual suspects; Dutchess, etc....


hmm dunno that I would go back...

Soo H.

That's cool you found some good wings and you know the ingredients are locally sourced!


Hi Kat - I might for some wings adn a beer.

Hey Soo - I'm not sure buying something from Zion would really count. By that measurement if I went to Costco in Mission Valley and bought some chicken it would be locally sourced..... I think of getting something from a shop that sells, say poultry from Mary's locally sourced.


On the shelf that is above the jars I can see a 3 Floyds Dark Lord and Surly Darkness and on the shelf above that is a beer from New Glarus and Cigar City. None of them are distributed to SD. They all look open so I am guessing they are just for display.


Hi James - Yeah, those are just display bottles....I've had several New Glarus (though I preferred what I had from Lake Louie) beers in Madison, I've had stuff from 3 Floyds in the Chicago area.....



New Glarus is a nice brewery and if I lived in WI I could see myself drinking their stuff a lot but nothing to go crazy over. 3 Floyds makes some beer that is really good - I enjoyed Zombie Dust and Rabid Rabbit but also a lot of stuff that is not as interesting as the labels, Dark Lord being a prime example.

Kind of funny that someone there goes to a lot of effort to collect beer and displays them in a place that has only offers the usual suspects.


Hi James - Actually it's part of the design concept....I have a feeling they just bought or got bottles and decided to use them as décor.


Thanks for poppin in and for the insightful review! Our spot is pretty tiny we dont have tons of room for storage so after busy nights & lunch events we have to restock our kitchen inventory at least we know everythings fresh I literally go out to the markets everyday. I usually run over to Zion when delivery services cant make it for unexpected orders. We do try and support local like farmer markets and farms we're friends with but those are limited to certain days. We do love our beers way more than soju! We're passionate for our own preferences most have beertending licenses and the empty bottles are usually from bottleshares we host with our friends you can stalk us on IG @nolbusd! If you ever have questions regarding beer you can always ask for me! Its my first business and I'm still learning as we go but expect to see us apply that in couple months!
-that young man w/ the Zion grocery bags


Hi Patrick - Thanks for taking the time out to reply. It's great that you use local when you can....I'm hoping that I can get some decent recommendations with regards to beer to go with my wings next time. Hood luck!

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