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Wednesday, 17 September 2014



great round-up!


I'm sorry, I can't get behind brown rice in the context of bento or sushi. But, I love the way Nijiya remodeled the prepared food section a few months ago - everything looks great!


Thanks Kat!

I'm having my problesm with it too James. A lot has to do with the texture of brown rice and also the more pronounced flavor.


I bought the poke at the Mission Valley Costco a couple of weeks ago. The spicy poke and the limu poke were good, but the shio poke was so-so. They can't give you samples to test before buying. Anyway, it inspired me to buy my own fish to make it at home during the previous heat wave.


Oh I had heard from some friends that the Costco in Tustin was selling poke on weekends but I didn't know it was in sd too. It's supposed to be decent, like the ones in Costco Hawaii quality, but I guess since you don't buy that either...


Hi Sandy - Mu biggest problem right now is finding quality fish to make my own poke...

Hi Kirbie - I'm not sold on the quality of fish they use and I know someone who works, or used to work at Costco in the islands....which is why I won't eat the stuff.


Haven't been to Nijiya in a couple of months but I've always enjoyed their prepared food section. I usually pick up something for a quick bite to eat when I shop there.

Poke at Costco in SD, every interesting. Would have tried it until you mentioned you knew someone who used to work there. :-)


Hi Carol - Half the fun is checking out what new "wrinkle" Nijiya has.


Is the mystery restaurant Aladdin?


Nice Lynn...that's it exactly.


I have to admit, I like the brown rice just because it is so much healthier!! =) and I grew up eating sooo much brown rice. the flavor doesn't bother me at all. it is weird in a bento, but sooo much healthier =D


Hi Lynnea - I think part of the problem is that I grew up eating white rice; everyday....sometimes 3 times a day. I kinda ok with it in a bento, but don't think I can do sushi.

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