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Wednesday, 10 September 2014



keeping cool by sitting in front of the a/c. Those okra are huge, the ones we get here are stubby nubs :)

Lynn @ oh-soyummy

Usually I'm freezing when I'm at work (AC is blasting) but I feel like it has been comfortable enough lately. Must be in response to the heat!

I still haven't visited the market, but I also grocery shop a lot less lately. The heat must be making me lazy to cook too! Okra is still one of those veggies that I stay away from, especially of the mutant kind hehe!


that okra has a personality of its own!! :D it's huge!!


I visited Hana mart for the 2nd time about two days ago. Like before, there were more people working there than customers. The produce looked borderline rotten that I couldn't get my hands down to pick any. The meat looked greyed, and I'm not sure if it's good or bad. The seafood, however, looked pretty fresh. However, I wasn't in the mood for seafood. I didn't want to leave empty-handed so I picked up some dried/pre-packaged items instead. Pretty sure they rang up one of the items more expensive than what the sticker said. I felt sad for them and didn't want to say anything so let it be...

Probably wouldn't go back for a 3rd time unless there will be some major change.


Hi KAt - The okra we usually get here are pretty small as well.....don't know what set these off.

Hi Lynn - It's just too hot to do anything right now!

Hi Lynnea - I know....I'm afraid I'll come home one day and a giant okra will be teaching Sammy some new tricks and be watching our television! ;o)

Hi Jess - It sounds like they've given up!


I went to Hana Mart a couple of times after you mentioned it in a previous post. I bought some produce, which was pretty good, but no meat that day. However, that was a couple of weeks ago.

We've been eating poke and takeout food to keep cool.


That is the biggest okra I've ever seen. That's pretty sad about Hana Mart.


Poke sounds great Sandy! I've been having problems finding fish I'm willing to use for poke recently.

Hi CC - Yes, quite sad.

Hangzhou Hero

That smoked scallop roll looks absolutely amazing.


Hi HH - It's really easy to make as well. The scallops were done on a stovetop smoker and were really just leftovers.

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