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Thursday, 11 September 2014



Hey, thanks for the link/mention Kirk. I feel the chirashi here is a pretty good lunch deal.


looks great & nicely priced :)


Wow! I'm salivating over the chirashi.


The chirashi looks good! Its price point is about the same as Sakura's. How do you think they compare?


It is Dennis!

Hi Kat - Right now it's my favorite splurge lunch.

Hi Theo - Check them out and let me know what you think!

Hi Jess - Getting down to the nitty gritty; I wouldn't ever get Chirashi/Sashimi/Sushi when Kazu isn't working at Sakura; so lunch is pretty much out with regards to the Chirashi at Sakura. I prefer Kazu's "cuts" to Akio's, though I prefer the rice at Kokoro. I'm looking at this purely in the context of lunch as I think the Chirashi at Kokoro would be $$$ at dinner.

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