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Tuesday, 23 September 2014



I want what the Mister had! Piled pretty high there, that pastrami. I have a coupon for this place and intend to use it...soon!

Ed (from Yuma)

When Steve, my Jewish friend originally from Philly, met me in SD last fall, he insisted we go there. I had a huge lox/bagel plate and he had some kind of overstuffed sandwich. Considering that some folks disparage the place, we both thought it was pretty good. Very generous portions and attentive service.


Last time I went to DZ Akins (which was more than five years ago), they were "proudly" displaying Vienna Brand Pastrami and Corned Beef. I can't understand how that could possibly be "exceptional". If I want a Vienna brand Pastrami Reuben, I can get a very solid one for $6 at Sandwich Affaire on Miramar.


You'll like it here, cc; the quality is excellent. Kreplach soup (and all the other soups) are great, blintzes, knishes and desserts/fountain treats are very traditional/European flavors. You'll need reservations to go now until October 3 (High Holy Days).
Thanks for the confirmation, Ed. The lox/bagel plate is my breakfast downfall. Glad you got to met an old friend over a great meal.
Things change in five years, Mike, and so do tastebuds, even though I think the food here is consistent and reminiscent of what I grew up eating and enjoying. I haven't noticed any Vienna Beef advertising for years now and did notice the pastrami was very lean and had a good smoke flavor. I hope someday we will coincide and you can comment on places where you enjoy the food.


I didn't realize DZA make custom cakes. Right there for the Reuben, too!


Seriously, that pastrami looks dry as a fart. You must try the same sandwich at Elijah's. Their corned beef is terrible but the pastrami is best in San Diego.
Also, their chopped liver Appetizer is 2 scoops for $6.95!
Never been a fan of DZ Akins. All the meat is in the front of the sandwich. Clever ploy.
If you can't make a trip to Langers or Nate & Al's in LA or Carnegie in Vegas then at least try Elijah's pastrami & liver.


It's really good Carol. The desserts are really nice.


You inspired me to go today to celebrate Rosh Hoshana a little late. I have to say their Mish Mosh soup is as good as Sampson's used to be up in UTC. Good pastrami too! I'm hooked!


So happy I could get you to try out East County, Mistreme. The mish mosh soup is my 'default' soup when I just can't decide- many of the daily soups are interesting (salmon chowder was never a choice when I was growing up). Shana tovah u'metukah!


Cathy, yes, things change, but since things didn't change from the time DZ Akins opened in the early 80's until the last time I went there circa 2009 (a period of nearly thirty years), I don't really see much hope.

And, FWIW, the last time I went into Elijah's (again probably over five years ago), they were also proudly displaying Vienna brand Corned Beef and Pastrami. When Elijah's was in Del Mar Highlands, they did their own custom Corned Beef and Pastrami, but when they took over Samson's, they unfortunately must have decided to use what Samson's had been using.

The only place in San Diego that does their own custom Corned Beef and Pastrami that I'm aware of is the New York on Rye food truck.

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