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Monday, 08 September 2014



Hi Kirk, nice update post. It's been a while since I visited Masa too. I think the main reason why my friends and I went was mostly for the atmosphere (elbow rubbing and all) and during happy hour at that. The food is serviceable, but in SD it's all relative I guess. They have things like grilled shishamo (with eggs) wrapped in shiso, or at least used to which is nice that they bother with.
I've been to Sakura recently a few times but all for lunch as usual, asking only for a half order of rice. The miso soup (for the price) is honestly what gets me there. Sakura unfortunately is plagued with the same reason as many other SD restaurants with great potential - inconsistency. I'm still a fan and would be very very sad if they ever left. Not many places with a unique personality like it, haha.


ah hit or miss...


Hi Dennis - I totally understand. My friends and I have our favorite places where we just enjoy hanging out. I find dinner to be much more consistent than lunch at Sakura; probably because Kazu is there.

Sure is Kat!

Soo H.

The horror... I hate it when it's gummy. Popeyes will always be there for you! Can't be the Tuesday 2 piece special.


Hi Soo - Popeye's is sort of a guilty pleasure for me...though it seems that they've begun selling fried quail at times!

Soo H.

Whoa... I haven't seen that at the Mira Mesa one... Was there a little sign at the register or a big poster on the window?


Hi Soo - It's a I've noticed the size of he chicken has been getting smaller and smaller over the years!

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