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Sunday, 17 August 2014



what a great experiment!


It was fun Kat!


Nice! Similar to salmon as well, farmed is always fattier and milder while the wild stuff is denser with more "salmon" flavor. Given I'm used to the farmed stuff, eating the wild stuff is an interesting comparison to how a fish is supposed to taste.

Soo H.

Wow! The yellowtail looks really delicious. I gotta try out your recipe! I usually use salt, pepper, and rosemary.


Definitely not a yellowtail I have seen before. Though somewhat similar in appearance the wild one looks like Dorado which must be cooked with care or will be very dry.


Hi Jason - I kinda figured it would work out that way, but it's nice to have a side-by-side.

Hi Soo - It's really easy to cook...and overcook. I went with a basic, simple, seasoning to better compare the two.

Hi Barry - You mean Mahi Mahi right? ;o)

Ed (from Yuma)

Very interesting post.


Thanks Ed!


Looks like good eating.
I wonder what these farmed fishes are fed. I do love fatty fishes but the good and bad is stored in the fat.


Hi Billy - I think this link has a lot of info regarding the farmed yellowtail:


Not bad.


Kirk I did actually mean Dorado since it was farmed in Baja. I have brought many home from Cabo. Mahi Mahi comes from Hawaii. It just depends what neighborhood they're from. ;-)


Ok Billy.....

Hi Barry - Same fish though, right? Having worked with a lot of Mahi in one of my former lives, it's imperative that you get it as fresh as possible. I've found a sort of sour flavor takes over the fish rather quickly....hence all the "caper-butter" prep.


Both fillets look pretty good to me!


Hi CC - Thanks! The textures and flavors were completely diffrerent though.

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