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Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Soo H.

Wow! No lines and better produce than Zion. I'm gonna start shopping here!


I agree with you on the produce at Zion Market - the quality is really lousy. I guess the low prices gets the crowds in the store, but it's such a zoo in the produce area. I haven't been to U Mart/Hana Mart, and it is sad to see it so empty. However, if their produce is decent quality with competitive prices, I should shop there more often.


scary, hope business picks up!

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

This is a bit sad :( But good deals on quality produce are enticing, Zion produce has been hit or miss for me. Its crazy to think about if they really don't sell often to all of that food going to waste!


I had the same experience/feeling walking through last week when I needed to quickly buy a bottle of mirin. Next time I will have to look closely at the produce.


I stopped by this market yesterday, also. For me, it was the first time since Zion moved. I wouldn't have known it existed except for you mentioning it earlier. Yes, it was pretty empty. Some people at the fish counter, a few other shoppers but pretty quiet, as you wrote.

Great produce, though. A lot of fruit and it all looked perfect. You could pick it up and touch it, too. Most of the produce was not in plastic. Very good prices, too. The meat counter was filled with perfectly marbled beef brisket--5.99 lb. which was on special. Fish counter didn't have a lot of variety but everything was fresh, fresh, fresh.

It seems insane to open a Korean market so close to Zion but everything looked good, the store was very clean and the people working there are nice. Hope they can hang on and get a following.


We shop here regularly, but during the week; avoiding weekends just about everywhere. Less chaotic than Zion was (as in, there is parking), clean and excellent prices. I also like the Happy Family Bakery; the lady working remembered when she hadn't seen us in a while.


Speaking of the weekend, I'm curious how busy is it during the Saturday morning rush. I might enjoy shopping there, I like having the store empty and I get annoyed at the craziness of Zion or Hmart.


Tuesday 1pm. Parking lot about 75% full. About 10 people in the lunch area. Around 8 people sopping in the store. Good deals on produce. Was a very good experience except at the end when the cashier dropped my cherries on the floor before bagging them.


How sad no one wasn't there. :( Maybe it is busier on weekends.


I think I should stop by there to check out the produce. I tend to shop at sprouts most often since the produce seems better than some of the asian marts, but it really depends on what item it is. Onions seem pretty disgusting to me at the asian marts despite being dirt cheap. *shrug*


Hi Sandy - I think the produce here is better than Zion, give it a try.

I do too Kat.

Hi JS - I hope things pick up here.

Hey Jack - It was pretty good on our visit.

Hi Alnc - Good to know there were actually customers when you were shopping.

Hi Cathy - This was actually a weekend....which made it seem extra bad.

Hi Jason - I agree.... it might be worthwhile to chance it here on Saturday morning.

Hi Soo - Good to know they are getting customers.

Hi CC - This was a weekend... which made it all the worse.

Hi Lynn - I think it depends. Things can be hit and miss. We shop at Sprouts quite a bit too. Oh, one thing, Nijiya, Marukai, and Mitsuwa are "Asian marts"....I don't think you can put them in the disgusting category.

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