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Saturday, 02 August 2014



Glad you enjoyed the curry Kirk. Smoked salmon sounds pretty good right now.


Wow! Your garden is growing! I want to see your end product next time!


those okra are huge! glad your garden is doing well.


If you went last Saturday, it was a few hours before Cathy and I stopped by. We saw Sam the Cooking guy setting up his station...

Lovely garden, epecially the okras!


Thanks again Dennis!

Hi TFD - You will soon enough!

Hi Kat - We're both surprised how big our okra is growing.

Hi CC - Yes, Cathy mentioned that to me last week.


oooh, yum! fresh okra =) i love really really fresh okra just raw. just eat it whole. yum!


Wow! That's cool Kirk. Everybody calling your Grandpa now or just Tommy?


Hi Lynnea - The okra is really sweet. It's been a pleasant surprise.

Hi Soo - I'll let Tommy do it because I call him all kinds of stuff....Mr Grumpy, etc. You, not so much....


Hi Kirk,
Are those pans on top of the smoker for putting weight on top or is there something cooking in that frying pan?


Hi Alnc - No those pans are to weigh things down....I've had my stove top smoker for over 9 years now and I've found that weighing it down helps the seal.


I called you the godfather of bloggers! Not the *grand*father of all bloggers!

The Scottish salmon is the middle grade salmon they offer now. Do think the Scottish can be used to make nigiri or sashimi? I've always wanted to learn how to smoke something but thought I needed some fancy contraption. Going to research the Cameron Stovetop smoker. How fun you got to cook at COP and teach Tommy a trick or two.


Many sushi bars use Scottish Salmon Faye. And you know Tommy.....he saw a chance to poke some fun at me and went for it!

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