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Wednesday, 06 August 2014



love your road trips!




Thanks Kat!

Ours too Billy!

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Tried Cha Ca Thang Long for the first time at Pok Pok in NY. We were a bit hesitant because catfish is not the tastiest fish but with the spices + fresh herbs its quite good. Even though this was a trendy-ish restaurant in Brooklyn it really took us back to Thailand too. They had the Singha beer umbrellas, the little altar in the corner, the plastic patterned tablecloths and everything.


This place sucks but the pictures are deceiving.


Hi JS - WE had the Cha Ca from the original Pok Pok in PDX - but it wasn't very good:

Nothing even close to the real deal in Hanoi:

Hi Billy - Really? We thought the Bun Cha was pretty good.


how funny, we were planning on taking a roadtrip to the Westminster area as I've been craving Cha Ca Thang Long. now this post and the ones you linked to just added a ton of stops. hehee


Are there any places in SD that serve Nem Cua Be? Gosh, those look so good!


Hi Kirbie - Song Long is probably our favorite version of Cha Ca Thang Long in the states.

Hi CC - You know, I think Que Huong used to make it once in a while....but they're not from the region of VN that specializes in that dish.

Wandering Chopsticks

What a coincidence, I was in the midst of posting about Ha Noi Avenue too. Mainly because it was the first restaurant I met up with my friend when he moved to SoCal two years ago, and I've been posting about him now leaving.

It's really all about the crab egg rolls for me. Their other dishes are OK, but only the egg rolls really stood out.

BTW, the pho on their sign is the word for avenue (phố), different O and different accent mark than the word for the soup (phở). Although, my friend liked their pho ga good enough.


Hi WC - Interesting about the pho on the sign. We really preferred the Bun Cha to the egg rolls, though the texture was quite good.

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