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Monday, 18 August 2014



a little hit or miss...


I usually go to Santouka for ramen, but I should change it up and have tonkatsu at Kabaya. Do you know if they have chicken katsu? I think I prefer the loco moco at Homestyle Hawaiian over Island Style Cafe; however, I haven't been to Island Style in awhile so maybe I need to go back and refresh my memory.


A little Kat!

Hi Sandy - I prefer the straight up loco moco at HH over ISC....however, that Kaloko Loco is in a class all its own.


Such an interesting loco moco, I've been quite intrigued... it's a little far from where I live, need to do some convincing to get the boyfriend to drive there, haha.


Hi Jinxi - They open at 7am on the weekends....maybe you can talk the BF on hitting them up before you go shopping or something?

Lynn @ oh-soyummy

i'm gonna take dennis to Kayaba. he loves his Tonkatsu!

we tried 'high dive' during burger week but weren't that impressed with the burger or sliders. the mixed drink was better at least.

i think i've been to Island Style Cafe with my coworkers once. i don't really remember the food much but i'll know what to order if we ever go back!


I love the tonkatsu at Kayaba, though I've stopped getting it curry-style since sometimes the curry was spicy and other times it was almost candy-sweet. Super ono, though!


Hi Lynn - I think for nine bucks it's quite worth it! The High Dive takes really good care of their beer, tho' for obvious reasons it's "Ballast Point" heavy. The food....not so much.

Hi James - I agree. Most times I just get it, well.....straight up is the best way to say it.


We just went to Island Style this weekend for breakfast. I had a char siu scramble (scrambled eggs with char siu, Spoam, and fish cake) over pork friied rice with an "oriental" sauce. It was nice, albeit on the sweet side.

We'll be back to sample their other interesting dishes, but we'll probably not order a side of bacon again. I must say that I've never been served cold bacon before. I can almost forgive them for pre-frying it, but if you do that, ever hear of an invention called a microwave?


Hey Jsn - You know, the Kaloko Moco is pretty much the only thing I get at ISC..... for some reason, everything else I've had kinda falls short for me.

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