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Thursday, 21 August 2014


Ed (from Yuma)

Ah, that's what people mean by belly clams. Nice post.


I have yet to come here. I wonder why they price the fried cod at $12.04 and not just $12. I have ALWAYS wanted to try fried Ipswitch clams. How would you rate this place in comparison to Blue Waters?


Ipswich clams are considered the Olympic gold medal of clams on the East Coast. It is due to the mud flats and tidal waters where they reside in Northern, MA. I’ve been eating Ipswich clams at what is considered the best clam shack in New England by Yankee Magazine and a host of other magazines and TV stations; “The Clam Box” in Ipswich, MA for the last 50 years: The Clam Box makes sure each clam is uniformly sized with a medium belly. Their crumb breading is unique, not greasy, making the fried clams taste like little sweet pads of unsalted butter.


I tired to get a good photo of a 'naked' clam, Ed, but you can see the big belly. It's something you should try at least once in your life. questions about the third photo?
PLSF used to be cash only until this new remodel, Faye and I think they now want to not deal in change. Our bill (with coffee, which we made iced) was exactly $37. Belly clams are great. No comparison; most items here are fried (other than salads and smoked fish) and PLSF does it right, just like back East.
Lucky you, Ken. The Mister used to ride his bike and stop at clam shacks for brown paper bags of fried clams...Clam Box was one of those places. Thanks for the link.


I want to try these clams now. They must be worth it since the $$$$

Soo H.

Mmm... Fish and chips. :-) I gotta stop by and try them...


OMG...belly clams, where have been all my life? Must go there soon!



I’m an expat New Englander that retired to Honolulu but I go back each year for birthdays flying into Boston Logan. I make the following rounds: tell the Mister the best lobster roll (½ lb. lobster meat) is at Belle Isle Seafood (Yelp reviewed with photos) on the East side of Logan Airport (North out of airport on RT-1A very first exit RT-145 to Winthrop) located at the Winthrop Bridge. Of course continuing North on the clam highway RT-1A to The Clam Box (Yelp reviewed with photos) for fried clams in Ipswich, MA and on RT-1 South in Plainville, MA to The Chieftain Pub (Authentic Irish Pub; Yelp reviewed with photos) for daily blackboard special appetizer; 5 lb. bucket of steamed soft-shell clams with onions, spicy Portuguese Chourico sausage, and served with broth plus 3 cups of clarified melted butter (special discount on Mondays).


They are worth it Bill. Most places sell 'clam strips' which are just not the same (and usually frozen).
I always try and almost always order fish and chips everywhere, Soo.
Try belly clams when you can, cc. Sweet, sea, crunch...just unique.
We've been thinking about a Boston visit for a while now, Ken. Thanks for the great list! I remember having buckets of steamers at a small place downstairs at Faneuil Hall...and double lobster meals...and lobster roll...

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