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Wednesday, 27 August 2014



It'll carry on even further....Blaze Pizza and Dickeys BBQ are going in next to Native Foods and Luna Grill is going in next to The Habit Burger. Next to the Jersey Mikes will be a sushi place (according to the developer). Their alcohol license app sign is up, but I did not sneak a peek yet... the Pho Hut and Grill place by Rite Aid is STILL being built out....


yikes only chains will be left...


Bummer about Tan Ky Mi Gia! We liked going there!

Down in CV - the 3rd location of TJ Oyster Bar (on Palomar and Medical Center Drive) has their signage up but is not yet open. :(


Wow, I had no idea 85 degrees is coming to San Diego. Any news for when it'll open?


Hi Alan - Thanks for the heads up! I knew about Blaze and Luna, but that Sushi place is news to me....I need to go check it out. Too many chain restaurants for me. And yes, Pho Hut....well, at least there looks to be quite a bit of construction going on.

Depressing, huh, Kat?

Hi CC - Yeah, it was a nice standby for us.

Hi Paulina - That has been kind of big news around here. The best place for that info would probably be Eater San Diego. The sign is up so hopefully soon.


I was driving past at TKMG so I didn't see the eviction notice. Agreed that they always seemed to be busy, although I noticed recently that there were "new" people working there.

I don't mind it so much that Genesee & Balboa will have a lot of chain restaurants - I'm looking forward to options (especially 85C!).

Soo H.

Wow! Chicken Charlie's... I'll be able to get fried twinkies anytime I want. :-)


Ahhhh sea salt coffee!!! Hooray! :)


Oh thanks for that post. I haven't been in the loop with alot of these places so this post was helpful. Out of all the new places opening, is there ONE that you're excited about? I went to Tan Ky Mi Gia some years ago after reading about them on your blog. Thought they were ok but not as good as so many other Vietnamese restaurants in Mira Mesa.


Hi Sandy - I on the other hand am not too thrilled about the invasion of the killer chains.

Hi Soo - I'm happy for you, but not your arteries.

Hi Jenne - If only you've been to the locations outside of the US....

Hi Faye - Really? Did you try the Beef Sate Egg Noodle Kho (dry)? I thought they did a good rendition of that dish. I think of things in terms of what a place does - "Mi" restaurants do egg noodle.....


Man... Balboa & Genesee is going to become a real hot spot! So many new things to try on the horizon.


Looks like it's Ototo Sushi Co moving in next to Jersey Mike's. Never heard of them before.

See "Site Plan"


It sure seems like they're trying to make it Mission Valley North Mary.....

I'm on it Junichi. Here's the ABC application:

By Catloaf Inc? President = Hiroshi Tokairin. Also president of Captain Fish Inc....which according to the D&B site has something to do with Sushiya:

Single Location > 2558 LANING RD # C103, SAN DIEGO, CA
Land of rolls and more rolls....


Just saw in a newspaper that The Noble Chef is opening on Sept 3rd.


Thanks for the heads up Jess!


I'm just as glad I haven't, because this way I can still enjoy it here!


Hi Jenne - Well, I hope it's just as good as you remembered.


I live a very close walking distance to the balboa shopping center. i just saw the alcohol notice today at the new shop and decided to google catloaf inc. to my surprise, one of my favorite blogs came up in my search and gave me my answer! like you, im incredibly disappointed with the chain explosion happening near my home. i understand convenience but damm, chicken charlies? im never going to that place out of principle. i guess i don't have much to complain about though, Convoy IS just about a mile away!


Thanks so much for the kind words and taking the time out to comment Morgan. I am kind of disappointed in the direction things are going I said, Mission Valley North. But you're right, Convoy is just a short distance away!

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