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Monday, 25 August 2014



I have been wondering about this place!


I remember when it was 'Po & Pho':

That didn't last too long. The squid salad was a stingy portion. :(

Lynn @ oh-soyummy

I tried two sushi rolls here at the beginning of the year... just so-so and I was too lazy to post. BUT since you reminded me that they have ramen too, I'll have to bring Dennis to try that tonkatsu (his favorite style). Also, there's a coupon in the B1G1 freebie mailer you should use on your next visit! It's been in there monthly since they opened.

the office goat

Cool. We'll have to check it out.
We usually go to Yakyudori for ramen on the spur of the moment ... and then get it to go most of the time when the wait is unreal ... and then my daughter gets grumpy because Yakyudori absolutely refuses to put the eggs in the to-go ramen.
Not quite sure why...

Ed (from Yuma)

Nice looking ramen. Good point about eating before you go shopping. I buy all kinds of crazy stuff when I go shopping hungry.


It's a mixed bag, Kirbie. But more on the better side than the bad side.

We never got back to try the 'Po' part of Po and Pho, cc, but I remember it sold Pate Chaud, which came from K Sandwich (I asked) and I figured we could go to K if we wanted a sandwich.

The ramen seems to be the thing we will be getting here, Lynn. Just maybe not that add in. I'll have to check out the online B1G1 next time; it's not in the Santee version.

We do like Yakyudori for ramen also, TOG. This was a good find in this part of town. Never have gotten it to go though. Actually got pho to go in February this year for the first time. ever.

It was very nice, Ed, and didn't need an add in anyhow. Almost all of my 'local' posts are meals we've had before shopping; it's a good habit and also leads to some interesting finds.


I've been wondering about the ramen here. I think I'll have to give it a shot! The egg looks really good.


The ramen was very satisfying here, Mary. The broth, noodles and filling were excellent...yes, the egg. The optional sides are a curiosity (cheese?).


This was single handedly the worst ramen I have ever had in my entire life. The group of friends I came with also agreed. It was bland, lacking in any flavor, the noodles were overcooked, and they were seriously stingy with the meat. The food here is awful. On top of that, they imposed an 18% automatic gratuity for extremely slow service.

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