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Sunday, 03 August 2014



Enjoyed this post! I don't think I've ever tried anything with country gravy before but now I want to try it!

BTW one of my co-workers was a "Criminal"! When he told me, I didn't believe that would be the name of a high school mascot, then he showed me his yearbook...haha.


Nice bits of nostalgia. Of course BACON makes everything better. :-)


That was some nice looking sausage! Is this the only place you can get it?

Ed (from Yuma)

cc, country gravy is real old traditional American cuisine - food for folks who need more calories in their diets. You just take pan drippings from pork sausage (or even bacon), add flour and cook a little, and then stir in milk (or half n half or cream). Cook a bit for proper consistency and then add pepper - and salt if necessary. You can also add bits of bacon or sausage as well.

Yeh billy, bacon makes everything better, but country gravy doesn't hurt the taste of most things either.

Soo, I don't know these days where they are available. In Food City, there are sausages called "German sausages" that seem to be the same. It is possible the IGAs in town or Hank's market in Foothills may have them. Clearly somebody has the right to make them, but since Los Roys butcher shop closed, I have not seen them in a store.

Ann from Yuma

I am also a big fan of the Big Bird - but don't make to to Brownie's as often since we started eating mostly plant-based diet ... sigh! Look forward to some new posts once the weather cools off, Ed!

Ed (from Yuma)

Good to hear from you Ann. I am working on a couple more Yuma posts, and it's nice to hear that some folks actually like reading about the culinary hits and misses of our town.

Ed (from Yuma)

Oh, also Ann, I do understand the plant based diet angle. Tina and I have been trying to cook healthier at home. Of course, in a way we all eat a plant based diet since pigs, turkeys, chickens, and cattle all eat plants. I must admit, though, that my doctor wouldn't buy that logic.

Carol Underhill

I know this was posted in 2014. However, if this is still active, Brownies still has Kammann Sausage on their menu. If you want to know where you can buy it for yourself, call me at 928-920-7250. Olsens Marketplace IGA located in Ajo, AZ makes the Kammann Sausage. We then bring it to Yuma once a week to supply the restaurants and sell retail to walk in customers. Our office is located at 1290 W. 8th Place, Yuma, AZ. We can now ship 1# and 3# Kammann Sausage. Our office is open M-F 8AM-4PM. We are also on FaceBook under Kammann Sausage. Carol Underhill, Sales and Marketing. [email protected] or 928-920-7250 CP, Office ph 928-782-3850

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