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Friday, 22 August 2014


Soo H.

Thanks for the cool parade float update! :-)

Ed (from Yuma)

I have been amazed over the years learning from you how elaborate the preparations are. Interesting about driver and observer - reminds me of some stories of driving grandpas being told where to go by the grandkids. Always interesting.


I didn't know the bear moved! Very cool! Liked seeing the progress of the floats. The chocolate orange pastry is my new fave at Cream Pan. I hope to have that soon during our upcoming road trip to SF. You and your husband were able to accomplish a lot that morning.


I enjoy sharing, Soo. Next time I may get the fried zucchini at Lucky Boy...just so you can see it and think about trying on a road trip.
The new President of the Tournament is decided years in advance (the one for 2020 is Laura Farber, the first Latina) and theme of the next parade was announced around January 16 this year. Ed....the Grand Marshal was announced May 9 (which is good, since he died in July and at least got to know about it) and so much of the Tournament is well organized. Mister and I always enjoyed learning about 'how things work' and try to share...I've mentioned observer/driver in other posts, but the photos haven't been as clear as the ones this time; it's a claustrophobic job.
The Shriner bear looks like a happy child, with no other moving parts and cute, not all technical. We always do try to get something new at Cream Pan and I understand your liking the chocolate was so very good...a bit crispy too. Last time we got a large piece of cheese-melted and crispy.

Soo H

How is the fried zucchini at Lucky boy? My fav is Ritchie's Diner fried zucchini but that is a major road trip...


The style at Lucky Boy is similar to the fried zucchini at Greek Style Chicken, not Beef N Bun, Soo. The zucchini 'fries' go very well with the pastrami... You think Temecula is a major road trip?...


Yup. It's a long drive for an appetizer. I'm use to getting my food 3 exits down the freeway.

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