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Tuesday, 08 July 2014



I'll take your garlic rice anytime. If that's cutting back, where do I sign up?


mushy rice is a no-no...


What??? No more Conching's? I used to really like their halo halo. One of my friends just told me that Conching's changed ownership but isn't sure if it's the same crew or not.


Hi Billy - I know....this is going "easy on the rice"......

Totally Kat!

This one was a surprise CC.


You don't like the ice cream?


It's ok, the Missus likes it more than I do ....why do you ask Soo?

Jack more conchings?!? weird...


I know Jack...... it's just one of those places that seemed to have been around forever.


Hey Kirk I am an ice cream lover so I was curious how the ice cream was. Neiderfrank's is my go to place when I'm craving awesome ice cream. :-)


Hi Soo - You might want to check them out. They have or at least had some very nice flavors, Avocado, Ube, Jackfruit, Corn and Cheese....yep corn and cheese flavored ice cream:

I do like ice cream on occasion....about once a year I get a quart of Marigold Macapuno and polish it off. Then I'm good for another year.


Kirk, i think you mean Magnolia. :)


Yep, that's it CC.

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