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Thursday, 31 July 2014



Wow, look at that fish! Love the presentation


I just saw this and linked it to my recent post (great minds think alike, haha). Great frontal shot of the fish's mouth! Remember the eyeball!


You both did quite a good job on that fish!


It was not only pretty, but had such wonderful flavor, Kirbie. We really had a hard time deciding which flavors we wanted to try, since the whole giant perch was the same price, but a different topping flavor point(as well as being a different fish).
When I pushed this to post, yours wasn't up yet, cc...and then I fell asleep. Just linked it and love your photos of everything we did that day. Yes...the eyeballs: giant, juicy with that solid round piece...ew.
Thanks, Kirk. Neither of us has been the 'official' carcass cleaner before, but we used spoons and that helped. Thank you for going here last year; I had never noticed it on other visits to the area.


That sounds amazingly fresh.


It was, Bill- even the lettuce under the sausages tasted sweeter when I took a bite of it plain. The ingredients here are crazy fresh; very high quality.

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