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Sunday, 13 July 2014



Great post Cathy! So THAT's what Philippe's looks like without a million people in it! I didn't know they had exhibits and all that in there. That pickled egg looks interesting. Beet juice? I liked seeing the floats too, so much has changed from a month ago. :)

Ed (from Yuma)

Great float shots. French Dips. mmm. Gotta love the pickled eggs (my dad used to pickle eggs in the brine from pickled pigs' feet - bar food). Sen Sens, jeez I didn't even remember that I had forgotten about them. Thanks


Love that double dipped lamb sandwich from Philippe's.....makes want to jump in the car and go get one right now....


I had noticed a 'Train Museum' sign when standing at the ordering area, but didn't see the display until I walked out of the restroom; on another wall in that area was a display of clown memorabilia, but people with children were sitting near it, so I didn't take photos, cc. There are pickled beets as another side order's a pretty large menu. So glad you got to see the floats last time and now the progress.
There are pickled pigs feet ($2.65) on the menu, Ed; probably part of the brine is used for the eggs here- so different than the tea eggs I've apparently ordered/made at home in a search for pickled eggs. It was a fun road trip with good food as well as sights and memories.
It's not even two hours away, Kirk! We had no idea Philippes was so close and always left Pasadena going East/Route 66 to get to the 15. This is a whole new world of food to explore-drove home on side roads parallel to the 5 and found many places to try.


Delicious looking breakfast! Thanks for the cool float update!


It was great food to start a great day, Soo. Having a chance to try other parts of the menu made the trip interesting.


Love the pork, wasn't too impressed with the lamb. I didn't even know they served breakfast.


We ate the pork with nothing to compare next to it, so will be doing a pork-beef or pork-lamb comparison on our next trip, Bill. The morning crowd looked to be locals on their way to or from work; seems like a convenient, non-fast food option.


That's an interesting observation about the mustard.


You caught it, JF! I had heard the mustard described as 'pungent', 'hot', 'volcanic' and 'horseradish' and went in with an open mind, only knowing it would be some kind of spicy and to try it sparingly...and first thought (and words) between The Mister and I were 'Chinese restaurant mustard'...thanks for reading.

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