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Wednesday, 02 July 2014



so cool being recognized in a book! and I'm glad your garden is growing nicely :)


That was really nice of hear to give you credit for the recipe Kirk. I feel many exploit the fact that recipes cannot be copyrighted and don't really give credit (as inspiration or otherwise) at all. Nice garden btw!


Congrats on the mention in the book! That's so cool! :) Love your garden plants, especially the okra and the peppers.

Hangzhou Hero

Kirk in a children's book? You're really moving on up. Don't forget your fans when you book your first movie!

Congrats of course. =)


I was really tickled Kat!

That's very true Dennis.

Hi CC - We never expected the okra to be so large...and tasty.

You got that wrong HH! I'm your biggest fan!


It's nice to be recognized in the book, which I will purchase for a gift (my household has aged out of these stories). I just bought a Keurig (love it), but I was really tempted by the Nespresso ...


Just more confirmation on how great of a "community" you've created here Kirk...very cool!


Curious to see how the scorpiions turn out and the heat level. Have you ever thought of pickling your peppers? I pickeled some jalepenos using a simple Korean recipe. Slice peppers soak in vinegar for a day. Drain then finish pickling in shoyu. BTW, my wife got a Nespress two years ago and absolutely loves it. Saves $$ she used to buy Starbucks. Only hassle is you have to watch your coffee supply since it takes a couple of days to get your order. She likes the purple pod the most.


Hi Sandy - I hope whomever receives the book enjoys it! The Missus is more of a press coffee and a shot espresso person so the Nespresso works out well for us.

Happy 4th Jack! I think that the community organically kind of sprung also helps that we've been around so long.

Funny you should mention pickling Kyle....I've been playing with doing that with the serranos....I also have a couple of pickling posts coming up as well.

Wandering Chopsticks

Wow! Congrats! I remember your original post since I tried that recipe myself. :)

It's always nice to see multicultural books available.

I've got a dragon pepper plant. Bought it just for the name. It's supposed to be similar to cayenne.


Hi WC - You remember that recipe? Geeeez, that was quite a while back! Looking forward to reading about what you make with those peppers.


that okra looks amazing! =) and I love the title of that book. so cute!! =D


Hi Lynnea - The okra is amazingly sweet....quite a nice surprise.

Natasha Yim

I'm glad your book arrived safe and sound, Kirk! And thanks for mentioning it in your blog. I still use that turnip cake recipe every Chinese New Year.

Natasha Yim


Thanks so much for thinking of us Natasha! I hope the book does well!

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