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Tuesday, 22 July 2014



looks good!


Nothing mind blowing but they seem to have potential.


Hi Kat - Really nice folks.....

Hi Billy - It's a passable lunch place....not too keen on the sushi though.


The karaage looks like fried cheese curds and not in a good way...


The name sounds like a iphone game.


A large guppy told me (that used to be a regular at Fish Attack) that they changed ownership and the sushi in particular is not close to the level it was with the previous owners...But that's just what I heard....:)


I don't care much for their cut rolls. The soft sell crab rolls were pretty bad. The ngiri is better. The salmon belly ngiri is pretty big. Nice people though


It does kind of look like that Jack.....

Indeed it does Jason!

A large guppy, or the big tuna! ;o) I really can't say because they don't serve the style of sushi I enjoy.

Hi Denver - They were very nice......

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