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Tuesday, 01 July 2014


Ed (from Yuma)

Good looking stuff. You and Kirk both keep finding these places. The empanadas in particular look very satisfying and different.

Fat Killer

Very nice looking place.

I'm going to hit them up soon for some lunchie lunch. I love empanandas. Makes my mouth water looking at those pictures.



Looks great Cathy! Haven't been back in a while and need to revisit.


Sound like it hasn't missed a beat from the last visit. Beautiful view, delicious food, and a surprise HH price. Definitely a win win.


Thanks, Ed. You can see from the prior post that the location is completely unexpected...but people eat near home and near work and the quality here is not compromised (sorry I didn't take a photo of the beer and wine menu; it is extensive). I was surprised at these empanadas-in a good way.
Just remember this is in an Office Park area, FK- at lunch you walk up, order and pay and the food is brought to you. At brunch and dinner/Happy Hour, there is table service. As mentioned, I hadn't seen empanadas on the lunch menu.
We sometimes need a reminder, Dennis. This 'other menu' is fascinating and we will go back to try more deliberately-without needing to avoid traffic.
It really is a great place, for both the view and the food, Bill. The bonus of new things to try makes it even more of a destination.


Great update on Bella Vista and their Happy Hour. Haven't been here in nearly a year. The empanadas are a nice addition to their menu.


I still haven't visited this place. This and your post about Green Acres has made me want to visit this part of town after work. There seems to be a very open/light feel about the place which I really like. I haven't had an empanada in ages (unless you count the curry ones from Pangea). That's nice they let you mix and match which empanadas you want to try for the HH. Thanks for the parking tip too!


I know you aren't often in this part of town, cc. We really did stop here because traffic was just backed up everywhere and I wanted some 'normal' food. The HH was a really nice surprise- saw another table getting the pizza, which was served on the same board as the empanadas were I know it is that size...and after hearing the "oohs" emanating from there, I know I want to try that plus the calamari next time.
This research industry part of town offers their workers some great breakfast and lunch options, Faye. Bella Vista staying open late as well as being open on weekends, makes it available to the rest of us. I can see on their website and Facebook page that a lot of events are held here. The food quality, choices and added view make BV quite a hidden gem.

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